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In order that welfare in the country became higher, it is necessary also that investment activity happened as it is possible with smaller friction. That citizens, the enterprises, authorities could make the correct and rational decisions on investments, they have to have access to information on costs and consequences of the choice. Costs of collection of information and a stage of preparation for implementation of the investment project – have to be the extremely insignificant. Than more costs connected with preparation of investment programs of subjects to smaller efficiency there can be an investment process.

The technical view of efficiency of investments consists that production has to hold position on a curve of production capabilities, but not in it. But he is limited that does not consider, whether there is at the population a need for those goods which are made in this case. The world of goods and services is various. To be guided in it it is difficult.

In this sense everything that becomes, has the price. All resources are limited. At first sight, resources could be used on another and to receive other return. Using any resource definitely, the person connects it and by that loses that it would be possible to receive at alternative costs is the benefit "missed" thus.

The profitability indicator (in relation to cumulative funds) reflects the level and dynamics of efficiency of business assets insufficiently. After all the balance profit (numerator at profitability calculation) can increase and at input not enough effective new funds and in the conditions of an unreasonable increase in prices. At the initial high level of profitability of the enterprise are not interested in implementation of investments which are favorable to all economy as they reduce their individual standard of profitability.

Bodies of economic management stand, in the course of the management of economic process, before a choice: that to have more and than to offer for the sake of it. Therefore the curve is directed down. If resources are used completely, it is impossible to receive at the same time bigger quantity of these two things at the same time. It is necessary to choose that it is necessary more, and to offer another for the sake of it.

First of all, responsibility and risk in use of investment resources in the conditions of transition to market forms of the organization of production considerably increased. Besides, in the conditions of market economy, during a time of a dinamization of economic life, single volumes of investment investments increase. In such conditions the right choice of investment programs becomes more and more difficult and responsible business.

Criterion of efficiency of investment investments are the minimum costs of resources of production and transportation of production as a result of implementation of these investments. At calculation of efficiency to investments into the fixed business assets costs of creation of revolving funds also increase. Besides direct investments, the accompanying investments providing start-up of object in operation (access roads, lines, engineering networks), and interfaced – in development of the productions providing this production with constantly renewable elements of fixed assets are also considered.

time foot, those more as at difficult calculations often should proceed from very approximate prerequisites and the received decision can be not exact. At the same time conditions of the changing conjuncture and competitive fight often demand adoption of fast decisions.

During the considered period it is impossible is productive to increase investment investments in all production factors. The volume of some factors of production are size this. From here fundamental economic property of "the decreasing productivity" follows. Its essence consists that the output, certainly, increases as more resources are involved, but this gain becomes less and less counting on unit of in addition involved resources. As the reason shortage of other factors of production acts.

Deformation macro - and microeconomic structure amplifies. At the existing general recession in the industry, production of goods for providing a mass market demand of consumers is reduced by the advancing rates.