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Heavy metals sewage of galvanic shops, enterprises of mining, ferrous and nonferrous metallurgy, engineering plants are sources of pollution of waters. Heavy metals are a part of fertilizers and pesticides and can get to reservoirs together with a drain from agricultural grounds.

The problem of pollution and degradation of soils was actual always. Now to told it is possible to add still that presently anthropogenous influence strongly affects outdoors and only grows, and the soil is for us one of main a source of food and clothes, not to mention that that we on it go and we will always be in close contact with it.

Natural sources of bismuth in natural waters are processes of leaching of vismutsoderzhashchy minerals. Sewage of pharmaceutical and perfumery productions, some enterprises of the glass industry can also be a source in natural waters.

The soil are the main environment to which heavy metals, including from the atmosphere and the water environment get. It is a source of secondary pollution of ground air and the waters getting from it to the World Ocean. From the soil heavy metals are acquired by plants which then get to food more high-organized animal.

The general agricultural use of lands (including pastures and haymakings) makes about 1/3 sushi. As a result of a water and wind erosion about 430 million hectares of the earth around the world suffered, and at preservation of present scales of an erosion to the end of the century this size can double.

Vanadium is mainly in a scattered state and it is found in iron ores,, asfalta, bitumens, combustible slates, coals, etc. One of the main sources of pollution of natural waters vanadium are oil and products of its processing.

Increase of concentration of heavy metals in natural waters is often connected with other types of pollution, for example, with acidulation. Loss of acid rainfall promotes decrease in value and to transition of metals from the state occluded on mineral and organic substances in the free.

The soil cover is the major natural. Its value for life of society is defined by that the soil is the main source of the food, 97 — 98% of food resources of the population of the planet. At the same time, the soil cover is a place of activity of a on which industrial and production is placed.

Particles of the soil of 0,5 — 0,1 mm and less which at wind speeds at a surface of the soil of 3,8 — 6,6 m/s start moving are most subject to a wind erosion and move on big. Small soil particles (<, 0,1 mm) are capable to distance in hundreds (sometimes thousands of kilosubway. On an of space pictures it is revealed that dust storms in were traced up to North America.

The main sources of compounds of iron in a surface water are the processes of chemical aeration of rocks which are followed by their mechanical destruction and dissolution. In the course of interaction with the mineral and organic substances containing in natural waters the difficult complex of the compounds of iron which are in water in dissolved, colloidal and a suspension is formed. Significant amounts of iron arrive with an underground drain and with sewage of the enterprises metallurgical, metalworking, textile, paint and varnish industry and with agricultural drains.