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Some tens settlements of Liechtenstein are dated generally for the valley of Rhine and the lower parts of hillsides. Some of them can be considered as the cities. It is the capital of Vaduz (5 thousand inhabitants), Shang (5,1 thousand), Baltsers (3,3 thousand), Mauren (2,5 thousand), Trizenberg (2,1 thousand). Highly in mountains there are small villages and resorts with resident population no more than 10-20 people.

Bank, Building Society, Savings, Insurance, Assurance, Re-Insurance, Fund Management, Investment Fund, Liechtenstein, State, Country, Municipality, Principality, Red Cross and their equivalents in other foreign languages.

Strangely enough, tiny Liechtenstein wins first place in world tables of ranks on the area of the lands used for cultivation of elite "environmentally friendly" agricultural production — 18% (for comparison, the second place at Switzerland from 9%, and, for example, the USA in this list take the 36th place — for only 0,2%).

It is indisputable that at such large number of the countries there is a need for their group which is carried out first of all on the basis of different quantitative criteria. But among other types of group, the most widespread is sorting of the countries according to the size of their territory.

The mentioned forms can be formed in the form of the holding or domitsiliarny companies. The holding company is formed for management and control over assets of other companies. The Domitsiliarny company is the firm which is based in Liechtenstein, but carrying out activity abroad. Though it is also registered in the principality, but does not conduct in it any commercial activity (local analog of the offshore company). Offices of that and other company can consist only of addresses.

The main branch of economy – manufacturing industry: metal working, exact instrument making, optics, production of vacuum equipment, electronic systems, microprocessors. The important place is taken food and flavoring (in particular, production of canned food and wines), textile, ceramic and pharmaceutical industry. With development of manufacturing industry and growth of business activity a manpower of Liechtenstein ceased to satisfy labor demand. In different spheres of economy about 22,9 thousand people are occupied, and about a third from them (8,2 thousand people) daily comes for work from Switzerland and Austria. In industrial sector and a services sector participate approximately on 40% of able-bodied population, in agriculture – apprx. only 2%.

- It is not allowed to carry out commercial activity, except for cases when non-commercial purposes of Fund are pursued. The minimum size of assets of Fund — 30 000 Swiss francs which cannot be divided into actions. At creation the Fund does not need to transfer assets.

The most part of various types of the enterprises can be founded according to PGR Code which main use is described below. Other possible forms: limited partnership with the share capital (limited partnership with a share capital), the company limited to number of actions (company limited by quota shares), association, cooperative association (cooperative association), the company without formation of legal entity (company without juridical personality). However it is not often possible to face similar forms in the offshore.

The Liechtenstein institution Stiftung has no board of directors, but appoints Council of Members who can be both natural persons, and the corporate organizations. They can have any nationality, however, at least one member of council has to be the citizen of Liechtenstein.

- The minimum capital if it is not divided into actions, has to make 30 000 Swiss francs. If the size of the capital exceeds 30 000 Swiss francs, at least a half (at least 30 00 it has to be paid.

- a trust (the trust enterprise which is formed at the expense of assets of founders and is operated by several authorized representatives on the basis of the promotional act. The identity of founders (founder) can remain in secret. The trust organized for commercial purposes is called as the trust enterprise and has to be registered in the Trade register. The minimum capital - 30 thousand.. ;