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Thanks to that the Lotus Notes system unites the important technologies necessary for preparation of these appendices, she offers developers the most productive platform focused on sharing of information.

Business process is formalized as set of the states and transitions necessary for the description of interaction, at least two subjects (in that specific case the staff of the enterprise) for achievement of performance of in advance set condition. A special case of such interaction is simple transfer of the document from a point in a point.

Many modern systems of electronic documents use the so-called libraries of documents containing in a DB of a card of documents with attributes and keywords in addition to file system. Folders are applied to logical group of documents.

Using strict algorithm of passing of documents on workplaces, the system of electronic document flow can be quickly adapted for the changed structure of the organization by means of division of works on groups and the role relations.

Input of information is followed by classification of documents by a task of attributes and keywords, annotation of their contents. Full text indexing of documents is made for acceleration of the subsequent contextual search.

Core of any control system of electronic documents is the archive where documents are in process of work on them and where they remain until information containing in them is of interest.

The working space of the user (Workspace) of Lotus Notes system represents the graphic user interface which is familiar for users of Windows, Mac System7, OS/2 or Unix systems.

The separate document can be the parent of one documents and the descendant of others. The relations between documents, on the one hand, their communication with procedures and the internal description of each document on the other hand, unambiguously identify it in the general flow of documents. This identifier can be used for the organization of archive of documents for the purpose of fast search.

In the conclusion it is possible to tell that the combination of methods and means of office automation, database management systems (input, storage and search of the structured information), workflow systems (management, routing and coordination of movement of documents, control of timeliness of their processing) and control systems of electronic documents (input, storage, search of unstructured information), and also integration of the software products realizing these methods provides complex automation of office activity.

The base of the documents Notes represents means of storage of objects by means of which users can cause, trace, store and transform information in the network. The base of documents can be operated in common by the users attached to the same network.

DOCS Open supports the distributed processing of documents. Therefore documents always lie on those servers where they were originally put. The document is transferred to the user only while it is necessary to it for processing.

The electronic archive is understood as set of hardware and software and technologies for creation of storage of electronic documents and ensuring access to them from control systems of electronic documents. Electronic documents are the all documents created by electronic means in the form of text or graphic files.

Recently on the basis of neural networks and artificial intelligence the technology of indistinct search in full contents of the document is realized (for example, technology of adaptive recognition of images of APRP in an Excalibur EFS package). Indistinct search does not demand full compliance of required phrases with contents of documents, besides, excludes need for correction of mistakes after recognition of the text. The system of search always issues to the user the answer which is best coordinated with terms or phrases of inquiry.

Search opportunities of DOCS Open are based on the inquiry interface on a sample of QBE (Query By Example). To find the document, it is necessary to fill an estimated card of the document. In reply the system issues the list of the documents corresponding to the entered data. Users have opportunity to unite documents in folders.