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1 case; 2 — an insulating pipe; 3 - pipe; 4 isolation; 5 — the electric heating element; 6-block grounding; 7 temperature regulator; 8 divider; 9-float-operated mechanism; 10 valve; 1 1-cover; 12-poilny bowl.

Main requirements. Forages have a phytogenesis. Distinguish forages rough (straw, hay, ­, juicy (a silo, melon, korneklubneploda), green (a,, concentrated (grain, cake, a dry press, etc.). Waste dairy, meat and. fishing industry, skim milk, myasokostny and fish meal make group of forages of an animal origin. Mineral top dressing (chalk, salt, a shell rock, etc.), synthetic (a carbamide, ammoniac waters, vitamin and top dressing, the including microcells (copper, ­, iron, etc.), and also antibiotics, supplement food supply of animal husbandry.

Hay will be stored in a mow: length – 60m; width – 16m; height – 5m. Therefore the volume of one mow will make: 60×16×5 = 4800m Number of necessary storages: forage volume – 8 215; the volume of one storage – 8400; efficiency of one storage – 0,9; η (storages) = 8 215 / (4800×0, = 1,91 ≈ 2 (storages.

The works connected with direct impact on animals (injections, branding, cutting of horns, stump of hoofs), have to carry out in specially equipped machines or rooms with use of various mechanical clamps.

Oxygen from oxygen cylinders at contact at once ignites oils and other oil products. For this reason it is impossible to allow hits of oil on oxygen fittings and oxygen cylinders. The sliding connections in the oxygen equipment grease with soap water.

Scot is held besprivyazno, in boxes (up to 10 heads on the box) on feedlots. Feeding type – kontsentratno-silage. The concentrated forages (treacle fodder, K-60 compound feed, grain barley) will be bought in foreign markets. Rough, juicy forages (hay vikoovsyany, a silo sunflower, fodder beet) will be prepared on the lands belonging to a complex.

The norm of delivery of a forage is regulated, changing the speed of the movement of the cross conveyor or speed of the movement of a tractor. At distribution of a forage the tractor works at the first and second transfers. One cattlefeeder of KTU-10A can provide transportation and distribution of forages on a farm in 3.400 cows. At transportation of forages from pastures, and also on large-scale farms and complexes to have some distributors.

The concentrated forages are prepared, using the following scheme: Cleaning — crushing — (fermentation — dispensing — mixing. Working schemes serve for a choice of a technological.

Area of a navozokhranilishch: F = × Tn / ( × to × h), where Qc - a daily exit of manure, Tn — the manure storage duration (100 days), - manure density (0,7 t/m, to - coefficient of filling of storage (0, h - the manure laying height (2 m).

Zoospecifications determined the following sizes of particles of a forage: it is sharp straw and hay for cows —. 4sm. Thickness are sharp for cows 1,5sm, for young growth — 0. 1sm. The crushed concentrated forages for cows have to have the size of particles 1. 4 mm. The size of particles of a hay (grass) flour should not 2mm for animals. At a laying of a silo with addition of their crude korneklubneplod it is sharp should not exceed. 7 mm. Silosuyemy stalks of a crush to 1. 8,0 cm.

/ — a reserve tank for water, 2 — the control panel, 3 — the regulating torch gate, 4 — safety valves, 5 — the manual pump, 6 — the electric pump, ZhM — an electrogame-takgny the manometer, TWO-, to the BOTTOM and DAU — respectively the sensor of the top, lower and levels

Before work it is necessary to check surely density of all connections of the acetylene welding machine. Upon termination of work to remove the calcium carbide remains, lime from the device. Carefully to wash out separate parts of the device, gas pipelines.